My name is Leila Najim, I a am devoted yoga practitioner and instructor based in Milan, Italy. On this platform, I invite you to explore my personal yoga journey, discover my event schedule, and connect with me.

As a yogini and a warrior of light, I have embraced love, dignity, and courage to honor the Truth.

Yoga is a transformative journey, one that invites each individual to explore their innermost selves and embrace the profound essence of life. Rooted in the profound traditions of Tantra and Vedanta, I share empowering, self-healing and transformative yogic techniques that have the power to shine light on the path.

By spreading practices that encourage deep self-exploration, I aim to contribute to our collective well-being and supporting human evolution in celebrating life.

Feel free to join me on this transformative odyssey, and let's collectively celebrate the beauty of life through the wisdom of yoga.

My commitment is to practices that invite our deepest self-exploration and invest in our shared well-being.


Join me on a journey towards enhanced well-being and self-discovery

My journey into Yoga

Yoga is a science designed to awaken each practitioner to their True nature through the healing, alignment and enlightenment of the body, mind and soul. It has its roots in the timeless Vedantic and Tantric Traditions of the Himalayan Masters. I was blessed to learn about yoga science from the great master Anand Mehrotra at Sattva Yoga Academy at the foothills of the Himalayas, in India.

Sattva Yoga is a unified teaching combining timeless practices and techniques in a powerful way. Practicing this radically holistic discipline allows one to merge physical activity, transcendental wisdom, devotion and correct action in every moment of existence for a fully conscious, expanding and fulfilling life.

This integrated discipline aims to bring the mind, the body and the soul in perfect alignment and balance to allow connection and unity with our higher nature. These practices allow one to understand the functioning of the mind and unconscious behaviors, refine the intellect and become a witness of the thoughts, actions and ego. They also increase strength, build vitality and create mental clarity leading one toward inner silence and stillness, the space of infinite potential.

Yoga is the art of self-dominion and cessation of movement in the consciousness. Through self-knowledge and self-mastery, it increases both body and mind awareness. The practice of yoga enables us to move the awareness within and help us to raise our state of consciousness through self-observation. It increases awareness, evolves the individual consciousness and expands collective consciousness. In the silence of pure consciousness, awareness moves within itself, the attention is no longer external, but rather the subject becomes the object and through self-observation attains self-realization. 

Lower tendencies, such as ignorance, lethargy, greed and the lack of honor, gratitude and love, erode the integrity of our existence. To be a yogi and a warrior of light means to live not in the illusion of peace, but going fearlessly at war with one’s own demons and fears and emerge victorious from this internal battle. The victory is not necessarily the death of shadow, but acknowledgment of it; bringing awareness to the root cause and the workings of it, allows one to come to a state of control and therefore peace with it.

Freedom is a state of self-dominion that is attained when one’s own fears and demons are shred and embraced by the light of our consciousness and dissolved through the power of self-love, forgiveness and gratitude and by simply surrendering to Truth.

Yoga is ultimately a state of being, an experience of being and a way of life. In Sanskrit, the word yoga means union and a life of yoga is a life of unity resulting in a natural state of bliss and freedom.

My offerings

I am available for 1:1 personalized sessions, as well as group work, in person and online

Sattva Yoga

Sattva yoga is the practice of the whole science of yoga, including the practice of asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, kriyas (that are evolutionary actions that lead to the release of bio-memory, allowing deep healing at a cellular level), mantra (chanting), mudras (energy seals) and bhandas (energy muscular locks). 


Hatha and Vinyasa yoga are focused on asanas (physical postures) and alignment and are characterized by the coordination of conscious movement of the body with the breath. Vinyasa is more dynamic and energizing. It's a practice that wants to awaken the qualities of the Warrior of Light within us. A heart-centered being with a powerful core working on all aspects of meaning strength, balance and flexibility.


To meditate is to observe the movements of the mind without judgment or attachment. This ancient technique allows us to explore the mind, understand the origin of thoughts and select those that we intend to consciously cultivate. Cultivating a conscious state of mind leads us to live in the present and this fosters a sense of gratitude and happiness that often escapes us in the fast-paced modern life.

Sadhana Program

Sadhana literally means methodical discipline to achieve the desired knowledge or goal and consists of dedicating oneself to a personal practice of an evolutionary character for a prolonged period. According to the yogic tradition, it takes 40 days to change a habit, retrain the mental process and the nervous system associated with it.

Postnatal Yoga

Practicing Yoga after pregnancy and labor helps a woman recover physically and supports her mentally and emotionally in a very delicate moment of her life.

Workplace Yoga

Designed to elevate the workplace dynamics through the transformative benefits of yoga that include reduced stress levels, improved focus, and enhanced overall well-being. Practicing together at work boost productivity and morale among the team by fostering a culture of mindfulness, increased flexibility, and strengthened resilience. Workplace yoga not only nurtures physical health but also cultivates a harmonious, collaborative environment, ultimately leading to a more inspired and motivated team.

Sound Healing

Everything you see around you is vibrating at one frequency or another, and so are you. Receptive music therapy with Tibetan bowls is a session of sounds and vibrations. Whoever receives the session is enveloped by deep sounds and vibrations that have the power to harmonize and rebalance the physical and energetic bodies.

Prenatal Yoga

Practicing Yoga supports moms-to-be and moms physically, emotionally and mentally during pregnancy. It's a safe space where to feel deeply all levels of transformation involved, connect to the baby, focus on breathing and breath awareness, pelvic floor work, back strengthening, restorative poses and relaxation.

Special Experiences

Welcome to my curated haven for holistic well-being. With more than ten years of practice and teaching experience, I take pride in orchestrating transformative yoga wellness retreats and crafting personalized programs catering to special needs.

Step into a realm where each session is thoughtfully designed, fostering personal growth and profound connections.

Embark on a diverse spectrum of transformative retreats, each meticulously crafted to elevate your well-being. Immerse yourself in the serenity of yoga and meditation retreats, finding balance and tranquility amidst breathtaking landscapes. Embrace the exhilaration of invigorating hikes, connecting with nature's energy.

Engage in enlightening workshops designed to deepen your practice and foster personal growth. Experience the therapeutic resonance of sound healing, allowing the harmonious vibrations to resonate within. Delight your senses with a culinary journey of healthy cuisine, nourishing both body and soul.

For the adventurous spirits, set sail on the waters, glide through waves with kayaking, harness the wind with kite surfing, or carve through snow-covered landscapes with skiing excursions. Whatever your heart desires, our array of retreats ensures a holistic fusion of mindfulness, adventure, and rejuvenation.

Wellness Retreat

Special occasions

Indulge in serenity on your special day with our bespoke yoga, meditation, and mindfulness offerings. Elevate your wedding experience by incorporating centering sessions, creating a harmonious atmosphere for both you and your guests. Immerse yourselves in the calming embrace of these practices, fostering a sense of peace and connection amidst the joyous celebration. Tailored to suit your event, the offerings provide a unique blend of relaxation and mindfulness, ensuring your special moments are infused with tranquility, presence and well-being.

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