About wellness

Extracts from Wellness Lifestyle article I wrote for LSN Gymnasia‘s Blog.

What is wellness?

With the term wellness we mean a lifestyle based on a daily active choice of practicing conscious habits to attain better physical and mental health outcomes with the objective of living a thriving life instead of just surviving. Wellness is a process of becoming aware of how we function and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

Wellness isn’t merely being free from disease, it’s an organic process of growth. Living in wellness, we embody a lifestyle oriented to the holistic psycho-physical well-being of the person. In this way it’s possible to experience benefits on all aspects of life from physical health to career development. Living a wellness lifestyle allows you to feel energized, focused, stress-free and ultimately happy.

Body & Mind are strictly connected

The natural body-mind connection and need for integration is undeniable. In fact, while the body holds the physical health and the ability to function, the mind houses the inception and the motivation to function. People with mental health problems have a greater risk of physical illnesses and similarly people with chronic medical conditions are more likely to experience mental health problems than people who are physically healthy. 

When we speak of wellness we inevitably refer to a life-style that takes care of all spheres of both body and mind recognizing the effects of our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and habits on our physical health.

Multidimensionality of wellness

Wellness is a multidimensional concept that affects all aspects of existence, therefore the benefits that wellness practices have in life are many and have effects on many levels.

Everything is interconnected

Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy strong body and nutrition represents, in effect, one of the most effective systems for maintaining a good state of physical health. A few hours of physical activity or exercise a week cannot work wonders if you continue to follow unhealthy lifestyle habits such as eating junk food, smoking, drinking alcohol and getting little sleep. There is no wellness if physical activity is not supported by and connected to a healthy complete diet with a balanced supply of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals and water. We must also emphasize the increasing importance that is attributed to quality sleep and rest both for the body and the mind. Carving out personal moments to disconnect and relax is essential for overall brilliance. Practicing meditation can do miracles in improving the quality of life, as your attention becomes more focused on the present moment, anxiety and doubts decrease and clarity, peace and the capacity to take action without fear increase. Walks in the open air, a refreshing swim, or simply contemplating the sky and nature, can bring us back to a more human dimension and allow our body to find renewed energy.

Overall benefits of wellness

Physical activity and exercise are of great help in changing negative habits, in fact, strengthening the body, strengthens the mind and builds commitment, determination and focus allowing a better perception of the benefits that derive from their correction. On the other hand, the acquisition of healthy habits increases the feeling of efficiency in everyday life and predisposes to self-control, physical activity and exercise.

As wellness starts to affect every field of your life you feel the growth and feel positive. You start to expand in your healthy relationships, spiritually and emotionally, and your gratitude and compassion grow. This process inevitably eliminates judgement, both towards others and yourself. Practicing regular physical activity, eating healthy balanced diets and keeping your thoughts under control with meditation techniques allow you to develop focus and heightened awareness. Moreover in this state of presence and gratitude you will start to recognize the truth of what is really important, you will develop a strong shield to stress and anxiety and access a space of relaxed flow. 

The state of peace that comes with a wellness life-style will increase your productivity and skillset. In this state of flow you will feel accomplished in your present beingness and life will reveal itself full of opportunities to grow and expand.

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